A065A APM Triplet APO 80/480 + Ric Reducer, 50 mm Bildfelddurchmesser

This telescope is a super aprochromatic lens with a RC_index number of 0.1984. In combination with the Riccardi Reducer you'll get an image field
of 50 mm diameter. Very important is the correct distance on the scale with 11 units, and the focus distance of about 76 mm from the last reducer

Artificial Sky Test - Anfangsbericht , Einzel-Beispiele zum Artificial Sky Test ,  Das Test-Module bis f/6 Lichtkegel

The resolution of this lens is about 1.73 till 2.15 arcsec. The camera chip reduces this to 3x3 pixels á 5.3 µ about 16 microns. The images are made till 50 mm diagonal
of the image plane. This system shows a high resolution for the astro photografie. It's better than the Ariy-disc diameter. See a larger one image.

This shows the situation on optical axis.

These are the standard tests: A hight quality lens and nearly without color effects, as it shown with the star test.

For visual observation at night the color situation is much better, see here:  Übersicht: Luminosity Kurve

This is the calculation of the color purity

the wave front error in 3D
the point spread function

the Strehl value in 546.1 nm wave = e-line(green)

the distance 76 mm from the last reducer plane to focus.

and the scale with 11 units for the best positon of the reducer to the front lens.


This should be a perfect astro camera be sure.

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